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Sip and Paint (Painting Class)

Sip and Paint (Painting Class)

Join the Fun at Our Sip and Paint Painting Class in Phnom Penh!

Unlock your creative side in a lively environment. Starting now, you can dive into our Sip & Paint painting class every Thursday. Let the chill vibes of our gallery, graced by the current exhibition, inspire you to paint your own masterpiece 🤩🤯🔥.

For just $30, secure your spot and enjoy:

A blank canvas ready for your artistic touch
High-quality paint & brushes
A refreshing glass of wine
A 2-hour session guided by our professional artist ✨

It's All About Fun! 🎨🙃 Remember, our Sip&Paint sessions in Phnom Penh aren't your traditional painting class. Instead, they're about letting your imagination take the lead in a vibrant setting. And don't worry about perfection—our artist is always around to offer tips and help bring your vision to life.

As you grip your brush, let your other hand cradle a generous glass of red, white, or perhaps rosé wine. It's not just a drink—it's the key to unleashing your inner artist 🍷😃.

A delightful experience awaits everyone at our painting class in Phnom Penh! Book now


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