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Tuesday - Aerial Dance

Every Tuesday, Mel Nutter will open aerial silks classes for whoever wants to try this incredible art. All fitness levels welcome, everyone can spin, flip, and fly! Because of the current covid situation, we will only open for a private class by booking, while following a strick safety guideline.

All participants will be guided through a 10 minute warm-up at the beginning of the class. Please arrive on time to ensure you can join the warm-up and get the most out of the class. Late arrivals may forfeit their place and lose their booking fee.

During the classes, you will learn a sequence of poses that you can put together for your own aerial dance - spinning, swinging, and even upside-down!

The classes are open to people of all fitness levels but limited to those 12 years and older.

For your own health and safety, please ensure you stay hydrated and have eaten 1-2 hours before attending the workshop.

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Wednesday - Kids Art Club 

In line with our goal of sharing our love of Art with the younger generations, we organize a few sessions of art activities every week. These fun sessions are developed to make your child’s little creative minds bloom 

5 kids* per 45 min session including a short introduction to Arts, $6/kid including a drink, all supplies provided.

 If you would like your child to join one of the sessions message us and we will advise of the availabilities.

*For safety precautions, we ask for a mandatory mask and will limit the sessions to 5 kids for now.
However, we realize that with the school closures there might be interest in mornings or more afternoon sessions. Don't hesitate to send us a message if you want to know more! 

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Thursday - Sip and Paint 

Just come and have fun while unlocking your creative side.
From now on, you can join our Sip&Paint class every Thursday!
Enjoy a chill atmosphere at the gallery, surrounded by the incredible "Talking Texture" exhibition, and get inspired to create your own masterpiece 

Book your spot for $25 and get:
- a blank canvas
- paint & brushes
- a glass of wine
- 2 hours session supported by our professional artist 

Warning, not a serious Art Class! Our Sip&Paint sessions don't aim to be an art class but instead, let your imagination run on your own canvas in an upbeat environment.
Our artist will be around to give you tips and support you in your creation. While clutching on a brush with one hand, your other one will be wrapped around a large glass of red or white (rosé?) wine that will help unlock your creative genius .
A fun experience for everyone! 

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Saturday - Art Class

Always wanted to learn more about Art? Or wishing your kids had more Art exposure?

This class is dedicated to art lovers who want to go deeper into their techniques or for the novice who is interested to develop their Art knowledge.

We have 2 sessions for all age groups:
- 09:00 / 10:30 for the younger group (kids & teens)
- 11:00 / 12:30 Adults (18+)

(Group classes are limited to 3 people for safety precautions. Mask mandatory, QR, and temperature checks. All levels accepted.)

Sessions will be ~1h30 and will cover:
- an introduction to art history: focus on famous artists, art movement...
- Art techniques and practice.

The class includes all the material for the activities.

$30 for a trial session or $100 for a monthly pass (4 sessions). The pass will include a sketchbook, a fully printed presentation, practical exercises, and a folder.

Individual classes available on-demand..

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