The Uninvited “Stunning.”



Inzi Y






I think to myself as I watch the corners of your lips curl into a dazzling smile. Your resigned voice still resounding in my mind with your sheepish “OK, boss.” at the report I’ve tasked you with. I’ve been held captive of your gaze since your first day in the office. I still remember the scent of vanilla drenched on your jumpsuit, it’s been 2
years now, and you’ve blossomed into a charming woman, albeit still rather meek. You have my attention. I would like to brush my fingers through your hair, and plant my kisses on your beautiful neck you concealed with that shirt, your dignity is attractive, and it’s terribly inviting. I love it when you hasten into my office to hand me your paper work for me to acknowledge, your dainty fingers holding those documents as if to caress a lover’s face, that bit of flesh teases me, it gives me pleasure, I want more.
I am your subordinate, your mentor, and your secret admirer. It’s 5:28pm on a Tuesday, I should get home to dinner. But, it’s only me and you in this office, it’s perfectly empty. I’m well aware that you would have to work over hours today, so I shall stay, and patiently wait for the opportune moment to strike when you’re unguarded. I’ve seen almost every expression of yours, but I’m aching to hear and feast my eyes on your look of betrayal, and horror.
I will own you, and I will have you.

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