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Ji Yoon

Ji Yoon studied Space Design in Seoul. She used to work as a space designer and moved to Thailand as Cabin Crew. While working as a cabin crew, traveling around the world, Ji Yoon has been exposed to many urban Influences and atmospheres. These two completely different experiences have merged together and giving her the inspiration she uses in developing her talent with a unique style.

In her city, she creates her work in a combination of expressionism and realism. The next steps for Ji Yoon will be to explore the path of abstractionism and beyond. Among other effects, Ji Yoon has been trained in ‘Académie des Arts d’Avignon’ in France. She participated to online exhibitions in Korea and got awarded the ‘Naver Grafolio Creative Support project sponsorship’ in May 2019 (among few thousand other candidate artists).

Shortly after, Ji Yoon was commissioned from France, Korea and Thailand. Ji Yoon has a specific focus on light illusion and reflection giving formless images from street, and all urban structures. She works with flat card, knife, customized rubber pad to add lines, perspective and depth creating space and movement.

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