Eva innée, KOK

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 160x120cm
Price: $3900 - SOLD

KOK worked on this art piece with a clear Pop Art style through bright colors and dots from the 70s. The artist states “ it’s a tropical pop art piece”. This artwork’s title is a play on words.

  • “Eve” is traditionally the first woman.

  • “Innée" in French stands for “innate”, inborn, natural, originating in the mind in philosophy.

  • A "Vahiné" is a Polynesian woman from Tahiti. They have been immortalized by Gaugin in the XIXth century. 

Model: Sophea 

About the Artist: 

Coming from the 80s and 90s punk rock scene, KOK is a musician and cartoonist trained at the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux and Les Arts Appliqués de la Gironde.
The all-digital nature of comics no longer allowed him to sell originals, so KOK returned to painting in 2006 and started with a “comic-style”, followed by a conceptual and modern approach to portraiture influenced by female issues and women’s rights.
He has exhibited in France and internationally, most recently at the Institut Francais of Bangkok, Thailand.

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