The girl in the blue Moon, Kok

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 80x64cm
Price: $1750

This art piece raises the irrelevance of skin color in natural beauty. Kok jokingly said he picked the color of the face “out of the blue”.

The model seems a bit sad, with a thoughtful appearance. The artist stated that it was working on a feeling of melancholy and sorrow, as if “she has the blues”.

The African American origin of the blues (music)also brings back the message of denouncing racism through this painting. KOK challenges once again the stereotypes of beauty reminding us that originally “Blue blood was noble, royal blood”.

Model: Sophea

តាមរយៈរូបគំនូរនេះ KOKចង់សង្កត់ធ្ងន់ថាពណ៍សម្បុរស្បែកមិនសំខាន់ឡើយ។ KOK និយាយថាគាត់ជ្រើសរើសខៀវនេះ ទាំងមិនដឹងខ្លួន។ 

មនុស្សស្រីនៅក្នុងគំនូរហាក់ដូចជាសោកសៅតិ​ចតួច, ជាមួយការគិតសញ្ជិងឆ្ងាយ។ វិចិត្រកររូបនេះបង្ហាញថា នេះជាគំនូរបង្ហាញអំពីអារម្មណ៍នៃភាពសោកសៅរ៍, កើតទុក្ខ និងទុក្ខព្រួយ,​ ដូចដែលនាងមានភាពស្រងូតស្រងាត់។

កំណើតនៃបទចំរៀងបែបសោកសៅរបស់អាហ្រិ្វកអាមេរិច ក៏បង្ហាញពីសារនៃការរើសអើសពណ៌សម្បុរដែរ។ KOK ចង់លើពីបញ្ហានេះម្តងទៀត ដោយបង្ហាញថាពណ៍ខៀវជាតំណាងឲ្យឈាមនៃខ្សែរាជរង្ស។ 

ម៉ូដែល៖ សោភា

About the artist: 

Coming from the 80s and 90s punk rock scene, KOK is a musician and cartoonist trained at the Beaux-arts de Bordeaux and Les Arts Appliqués de la Gironde.
The all-digital nature of comics no longer allowed him to sell originals, so KOK returned to painting in 2006 and started with a “comic-style”, followed by a conceptual and modern approach to portraiture influenced by female issues and women’s rights.
He has exhibited in France and internationally, most recently at the Institut Francais of Bangkok, Thailand.

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