Madonne de Bangkok, Kok

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 90x120cm
Price: $2050

This is Bruno’s first painting using his “dot technique” on a canvas.


In KOK’s world, each dot, circle, bubble, or pixel symbolizes the atoms within the microscopic universe, as well as planets and the interstellar system of the cosmos. The paintings reflect the shifting between worlds of the infinitesimally tiny to the infinitely enormous, invoking a dream-like impression for the viewer. 


Using primary colors and an extended period of digital experimentation, KOK uses a brush to add the abstract elements like atoms forming a body. 


The imagery invokes a metaphor of the complexity of the human being, despite the simplicity of its structure.


Kok intends his colors to be reflections of the soul, and there are no “skin colors”; no color is considered more or less valuable. Kok uses only eight colors that never mix–but in their combination form an infinite number of tones where the visual impact is a matter of optics, not chemistry. The perception the viewer has depends on the juxtaposition of neighboring colors, which is an additional layer in his metaphor of human interaction.


Model: Xelle

Tip: Look at the art piece through your phone’s camera for full visual effect.

About the Artist:

Coming from the 80s and 90s punk rock scene, KOK is a musician and cartoonist trained at the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux and Les Arts Appliqués de la Gironde.
The all-digital nature of comics no longer allowed him to sell originals, so KOK returned to painting in 2006 and started with a “comic-style”, followed by a conceptual and modern approach to portraiture influenced by female issues and women’s rights.
He has exhibited in France and internationally, most recently at the Institut Francais of Bangkok, Thailand.

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