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🌅 Art and Elegance: A Friday Evening at Sra'Art Gallery!

This Friday, November 17th, as the workday ebbs and Phnom Penh's vibrant hues of dusk take over, step into the magical realm of art and culture at Sra'Art Gallery. Our "Face Value" exhibition is drawing to a close, and we're sending it off in style—a night filled with art, wine, and soulful music.

🎨 Art Comes Alive with John Ansell

Be enthralled as John Ansell brings his canvas to life in a live painting session. John's works are a harmonious blend of Western Pop Art from the 70s and 80s with the rich historical narrative of Cambodia. This is more than art; it's a cultural odyssey. His prints, a tangible piece of Cambodian expat life, are vibrant keepsakes of time spent in this enchanting land. His original pieces have been selling well and this is a great opportunity to add one to your collection before the values skyrocket.

🌟 Gabriel Grela Mesa: Reflecting Hopes and Realities

Join us for the final chance to immerse yourself in the introspective and poignant works of Gabriel Grela Mesa. His art, stemming from deep connections within the community, beautifully captures the aspirations and real-life experiences of those he has volunteered with.

🍷 Sophisticated Sips: $5 Wine Tasting by Celliers D'Asie

In partnership with Celliers D'Asie, we're excited to offer an exclusive wine tasting experience for just $5 per flight. While specific details of the wine selection remain a delightful surprise, rest assured, each glass promises a journey through exquisite flavors and aromas. The sommelier has curated the wines to fit not only the art, but also the music.

🎵 Tune into the Rhythms of Geograpy of the Moon

Let the melodies of Geograpy of the Moon transport you. Renowned for their captivating performances, both locally and on international stages, and having graced the airwaves of BBC Radio, they're the heartbeats of live music in Phnom Penh.

🌟 Come Straight from Work: Start Your Evening with Us!

Why wait until 7 PM? As soon as you clock out, join us to unwind and revel in the artistic ambiance. Sip on finely curated wines, enjoy the unfolding of live art, and let the music set the tone for a relaxing and enriching evening.

📍 Your Friday Plan:

  • Date: Friday, November 17th 2023

  • Time: Join us for post-work hours, main events starting at 7 PM

  • Venue: Sra'Art Gallery

This Friday, let the Sra'Art Gallery be your after-work sanctuary. Indulge in an evening where art, taste, and music converge in a symphony of cultural celebration.

👉 Be part of this unique experience! Join us at Sra'Art Gallery as the sun sets, and let's toast to the beauty of art, the reverie of sonic ambience and the warmth of good company!

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