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A Night of Cambodian Artistry: Sra'Art Gallery's Exclusive Preview

Delve into the heart of Cambodian culture this Thursday, 7th December, at 6 pm at Sra'Art Gallery. Join us for a captivating evening that sets the stage for the Phnom Penh Photo Festival.

Chhen Kimhong: Bridging Technology and Tradition 

Discover the world of Chhen Kimhong, an IT expert turned visionary photographer. His 'Buddhist Monk Robe' series is a striking fusion of spirituality and modernity, capturing Cambodia's soul in every frame.

Experience a Spectrum of Cambodian Stories

At Sra'Art Gallery, witness how Kimhong's lens transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary symbols of heritage. Then, continue the journey at the Air Gallery @ The Factory on Friday, 8th December, at 6 pm. The Phnom Penh Photo Festival features diverse talents like Hou Sokratana, Baty Morokot, and Khiev Kanel, each narrating unique facets of Cambodian life through their photography.

Interactive Immersion with art nOmad

Immerse yourself in an interactive art experience by art nOmad. Be more than a spectator; become part of the art in a performance that transcends traditional boundaries.

Join the Cultural Renaissance 

This is your invitation to witness a cultural awakening. Share your moments with #CambodianCanvas and be a voice in this symphony of art and culture.

See Cambodia Through Its Art

From the intimate ambiance of Sra'Art Gallery to the grandeur of the Phnom Penh Photo Festival, celebrate the richness of Cambodian artistry with us. Embrace the stories, the beauty, and the spirit of Cambodia. 📸✨🇰🇭

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