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Are you ready to embark on a photographic journey showcasing the best of Cambodian photography?

Picture the heart of Phnom Penh transforming into a canvas of visual storytelling, where each snapshot tells a tale of Cambodia's vibrant soul. This is what awaits you at the Phnom Penh Photo Festival at Air Gallery, Factory, Phnom Penh, starting 6 PM, December 8th, 2023. Join us in celebrating the diverse expressions of contemporary Cambodian artists at this premier cultural event in Phnom Penh.

Let's dive into the worlds of our featured artists who are shaping the Phnom Penh art scene.

From Hou Sokratana's poignant environmental message to Baty Morokot's vibrant urban diary, each artist brings a unique perspective to this photography exhibition in Cambodia.

Hou Sokratana (David James) captures the silent cry of our oceans with 'Trash,' a poignant tale of plastic pollution. His art isn't just a statement; it's a call to action, echoing his dual life as a tour guide and sculptor, and his journey from civil engineering to the realms of photography.

Baty Morokot paints Siem Reap's transformation with her lens. Her series on the town's bridges isn't just a snapshot of change; it's a vibrant diary of life, pulsating over the crossover from old to new. Her paintings and photographs blend, creating a colorful narrative of urban adaptation.

Chhen Kimhong turns the mundane into magic with 'Buddhist Monk Robe.' Imagine a monk's robe, mid-air, creating a spectacle of color and form. This visual narrative is a product of Kimhong's evolution from IT Networking to graphic design and photography, a journey that adds layers of depth to his art.

Nhean Lyda offers a poetic perspective with 'Mat.' Her photography, slow-paced and deliberate, transforms everyday objects into subjects of contemplation, revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Khiev Kanel's 'Before The Raze' is a time capsule of Phnom Penh's White Building. His lens captures the essence of a community on the brink of urban transformation, telling stories that are deeply personal yet universally resonant.

Lastly, art nOmad, led by Clorinde Coranotto and MissV, brings a performance art spectacle on wheels. Their project is an ongoing dialogue between art, society, and the audience, inviting participation and creating a living, breathing piece of art.

This festival is more than an exhibition; it's a celebration of stories, emotions, and the diverse manifestations of life viewed through the lens.

And the best part? No tickets, no barriers – just an open invitation to immerse yourself in the world of photography. With special guests popping up throughout the evening, every moment promises to be a surprise.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we'll reveal more artists contributing to the rich tapestry of the Cambodian art scene, showcasing their work at Sra'Art Gallery. This visual fiesta is a testament to the dynamic and evolving art and culture in Phnom Penh.

Join us at this celebration of Cambodian photography, and let's experience the world through diverse and captivating lenses! 📸✨

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