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The masks cover the canvas just as its cover the cities. The intensity of the color describes the extremeness of the cities that impact by the virus. Nowhere could easily spread than a crowded space with less air circulation. Tep Chanton is a passionate self-taught artist. Since he was young, he like to draw anime, building, robot, car, generally, all kind of things. Even though he did not attend art school, he still spent his free time researching art in the library. He explored and experimented different types of style and medium to produce art, both from traditional to digital art. Most of his artwork was done in watercolor. After that, he started to realized that he should do something to improve the art culture in Cambodia.

Mask City

  • Year: 2021

    Size: 50x100cm

    Technique: Mix media



    Tep Chanton

    Tep Chanton

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