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It is like an inventory whose purpose is to list the different types of ice, “X-rays” using photograms of glacier pieces. (The photogram is a photographic process without camera, invented in the 19th century). The most exposed parts react and stain, the result looks like an X-ray of the object.“The ice finally prints like a precious diamond, a crystal on paper”. The “MELTING DIAMONDS series, Field Studies”, highlights the fragility of glaciers, the last traces before the disappearance of these precious crystals, reserves of fresh water essential for life. So that we can keep tracks of these glaciers doomed to disappear over the next few years.Anna Katharina Scheidegger was born in 1976 in Sumiswald, Switzerland. In 2003 she studied video and graduated from ENSAD (National School of Decorative Arts) in Paris. For the next two years, her apprenticeship and experimentation continued as a masterclass at Fresnoy, Tourcoing’s national studio for contemporary arts. Two rich years in the film, photos and new media section that she places under the seal of diversity of visual experiences. Multidisciplinary artist, the subjects invested have social themes, anchored in the present and the intimate.

Melting diamonds series

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