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Part One: The self, An Ethics of Dignity Chapter 2: Existing - l’Otium Mediterranean by Pliny the Younger What to do with your time? "Otium is an art of living fully your sensual and voluptuous mortal condition. It supposes to be calm with oneself to make peace with the world. It creates conditions favorable for erasure of the accessory in order to focus only on the essential. The essential? self-building as a going force. The accessory? all that is not essential. This Art of putting oneself or putting oneself back in the center of oneself makes it possible to create an existential axis from which the world is organized for oneself. It is therefore necessary to make the vacuum to find the way of the full being of being. Spread the annoying and elect friends, put the world at a distance and make a world in his hand, choose everything that makes us subjects of ourselves, silence the noise of others, people, the world for n '' hear more than the silence between oneself and oneself, leave the cities and prefer the countryside. "


  • Year: 2020

    Size: 110 x 71.5cm

    Technique: Acrylic and Watercolor on paper



    Adana MAM Legros

    Adana MAM Legros

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