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The moment of truth has come. Truth for the couples that cannot stand each other, for those who have lived together all thier life, for those who fell in love only recently, for those who live alone because they prefer their freedom or because they have no other choice, for the children who have no school, for the young people who want but cannot meet. It is a call to invent a new life, to feel close even if we are separated, to confront the feeling we have tried to avoid at all cost: boredom. And the slowness too, the silence, the empty hours… or hours filled with the noise of the children who are locked up at home. We are facing the life we have chosen, or the life that was given to us, our « home », not the sickness but the home that we have built for several years. I will call this situation a test of truth. _ CC


  • Year: 2021

    Size: 80x80

    Technique: Acrylic on canvas



    SIN Many

    SIN Many

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