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From the “Rising Tonle Sap” photography sets, 2012. An approached distinctive simultaneously documentary and conceptual of the artist, an image that questions on the climate change issues around the lake, which is primary for Cambodia. A reflection on the risks, very real, of destabilizing the balance of waters. « To combine these interests, I decided to intervene on the riverscape with a humble, unnatural happening: ice floating in the waters of a subtropical climate. The quiet and fantastical photographs were staged with the great help from the communities in each location. Their fragile surroundings are the variances in my compositions of industrial ice melting under the hot sun, rising the Tonle Sap. »

Rising Tanle Sap

  • Year: 2013

    Size: 80x120cm

    Technique: Photo Paper



    Lim Sokchanlina

    Lim Sokchanlina

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