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The Business of Failure. Negativity associated with the concept of failure, is a punitive function of the false ego. Change, as observed in nature, is a process of construction and deconstruction. Both of these truths reliant upon the other. Embracing change is the pathway to becoming centered in this process, and in enlightened thought.Eriq is currently focused on weaving ephemera into upcycled works, that promote reframing perspectives. He finds kinship with the discarded and discounted materials he employs.
A student of OTIS College of Art and Design and UCLA Fine Arts prepared him for an expansive and varied career, which has included commissions in Bronze, as well as fine art originals and prints for Corporate clients. 
Eriq's work can be found in noteable collections throughout the world, which are playful, melancholy examples of his nimble curiosity. 
“Perspective is paramount. I see visual relationships that I commune with through my work. I expose the underserved aspects of a disjointed reality, that I weave together, to tell the story, of us”.
Eriq Henri Madsen

The business of failure.

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