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Come experience the Cambodian
Art scene at Sra’Art

Sra'Art where inspiration Lives

We love our new venue, and we know you will love it too! Offering a unique point of view on the Cambodian Contemporary Art Scene in an open, upbeat and inspiring environment.


Above all else, we are here for you and aim to inspire your creative side while having fun!

Whether you're an aspiring artist, looking to pursue your practice or simply want to drink wine and paint! The Sra’Art Studio is where you shall find yourself.


Join our hands-on art workshops and cultural events to ignite your creativity and connect with fellow art enthusiasts.


Experience the convergence of tradition and innovation as you walk through our curated exhibitions of local and international art.


Delve into the lives and works of our featured artists, each with a story to tell through their unique artistic expressions.



Sra'Art - Art Gallery in Phnom Penh

Sra’Art, Phnom Penh’s only commercial contemporary art gallery dedicated to promoting and increasing public knowledge of the flourishing contemporary Cambodian art scene is finally open!

Sra'Art is a creative space dedicated to connecting Cambodian artists, art enthusiasts and anyone curious to experience the exciting development of the vibrant new Cambodia’s art scene.

Sra’Art is combining an art gallery showcasing Cambodian Contemporary Artists, a photo studio, a participatory painting party concept, and an event space.

Cambodia’s art scene received a battering during its traumatic upheaval, but today it has come back to life and is in full bloom. Sra’Art gallery's goal is to actively promote and increase the public knowledge of the flourishing contemporary Cambodian art scene.

The merge of an art gallery with an event space not only allows greater exposure for the Cambodian artists but aims to help you unleash your inner artist in an open, upbeat and inspiring environment

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