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Welcome to the Air Gallery: A Six-Week Extravaganza of Art and Collaboration!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

We're thrilled to present an incredible lineup of exhibitions happening right now at Air Gallery, brought to you by Sra’Art and The Factory, Phnom Penh. Get ready to be blown away by the diverse artistic voices and thought-provoking artworks on display over the next six weeks. Let's dive right in!

Srey Art: Empowering Perspectives through Paintings, Sculptures, and Mixed Media

Sra’Art is pleased to announce “Srey Art” a group exhibition in lieu of International Women’s Day featuring 5 emerging female artists from Cambodia, the USA, the Caribbean & France. Each artist has developed a series of artworks addressing themes of identity, history, childhood and social observations across a wide range of media. Sra’Art is dedicated to supporting the development of both local and international artists based in Cambodia. Srey Art focuses on emerging female artists at the beginning of their career, each artist varies in their respective ages, professions and styles however they all share something in common, a passion for art and their country of residence, Cambodia.

Dahlia Phirum

An Nie

Raphaëlle Martinez

Kari Josselet Podboy

Marie Hill

- Dahlia Phirun is a contemporary surrealist artist who trained in mixed media sculpture from Philadelphia, USA. Her works draw inspiration from anatomy and the relationship between humans and nature. She often creates pieces that feature distorted or surreal representations of the human body, juxtaposed with images of the natural world. Her work explores the relationship between the body and nature, and how they interact. Dahlia’s art conveys ideas that challenge our perception of the physical world, focusing on the beauty and complexity of the human form and nature.

- Ny Vannak was born and raised in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia. A self-taught artist, she started drawing at an early age but never pursued art until she moved to Singapore eight years ago and started teaching art classes in school. Inspired by Singapore’s museums and gardens, she took up painting and photography in a more serious way. She is inspired by classic pop culture iconography, Abstract and Pop artists like Pollock and Warhol, contemporary Modern art and her Cambodian roots.

- Raphaëlle Martinez is an emerging French painter born in 1997 in the suburbs of Paris to a multicultural Spanish, Moroccan, Egyptian and French family. Surrounded by people from different backgrounds, she caught the "palm tree passion" from a close friend who grew up in Phnom Penh and developed a strong passion for local plants and trees. According to Raphaëlle Martinez, palm trees represent strength and serenity. The young artist achieved her first solo exhibition in 2022 in Casablanca, Morocco, and hopes to continue spreading her work around the world.

- Kari Josselet Podboywas born in Texas in the United States. She attended Loyola University there and graduated with a degree in Music Therapy. She has been painting throughout her life and over the last few years, devoted her time, energy, and love of learning to paint, making music, and composing. For the past year, she has been studying with Eriq Madsen a Eriq Henri Arts. She is based in Phnom Penh, this is her first exhibition in Cambodia having presented in online forums and several exhibits in the US.

- Marie Hill has lived in 11 countries across five continents. She came to Cambodia to make sense of herself, her story, and the world she shares with the rest of the globe, through art, writing, or another kind of passion project. Her paintings include images and ideas from all the places she has lived and loved. She uses acrylics, watercolours, ink, and mixed mediums for her artwork, which explores questions of home, identity, belonging, nature, and what it means to be. This will be the first exhibit of her paintings, having previously exhibited photography.

Showcasing Phnom Penh's Street Art Scene

This is your chance to immerse yourself in the electric energy of the city's thriving street art culture. We'll be shining the spotlight on talented local artists like Jash Pushkin, Rithy, Theo Vallier, So Sothsovakong (Kwan), and The Sokheng. These creative minds have turned the city into their vibrant canvas, adorning walls and buildings with awe-inspiring artworks. Learn about their creative process, gain insights into the impact of street art on the city, and discover the hidden stories behind the murals that make Phnom Penh truly special.

Witness the works of Italian "Light Painter" Gian Claudio di Cecco

Gian Claudio's unique artistic approach transforms a camera into a magical paintbrush, creating stunning works that capture ephemeral moments in a truly extraordinary way. Through years of exploration and experimentation, he has mastered the art of painting on the bodies of his subjects using innovative techniques and technologies. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty and wonder of his incredible pieces, which beautifully blur the boundaries between photography and painting.

Eriq Madsen Memorial Exhibition: Honoring an Artist's Legacy

Join us as we pay tribute to the beloved Eriq Madsen, an American artist whose contributions to the Cambodian art scene were immeasurable. This exhibition showcases Eriq's captivating paintings, which beautifully capture the essence of Cambodia and the possessions he left behind. Take a moment to reflect on his legacy and the profound impact he had on our artistic community.

Take this chance to see what is going on with the Phnom Penh art scene, all in one space. Make your weekends a little different, come to Air Gallery @ The Factory hosted by Sra’Art. Pop down for a drink and look around Saturday and Sunday’s 10am-5pm for the next 6 weeks.

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