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"Face Value" Exhibition Closing with a Burst of Creativity and $5 for 5 Wines!

🎉This Friday, November 17th, marks the grand finale of the "Face Value" exhibition at Sra'Art, featuring an evening filled with live art, entrancing music, and exquisite wines. Come along for post-work drinks from 6pm.

Celebrating "Face Value": A Journey of Artistic Expression 🖼️

As we bid farewell to the "Face Value" exhibition, a collaboration showcasing the talents of John Ansell and Gabriel Grela Mesa, it's important to reflect on its impact. This exhibition has been a vivid exploration of identity and perception, challenging and delighting viewers with its innovative approach. Its closing night is not just an ending, but a celebration of artistic exploration and achievement.

John Ansell in Action: Live Painting Unveiled 🎨

Experience the magic of art in its creation with John Ansell's live painting. Ansell, known for his dynamic approach to art, invites you to witness the emotion and energy that goes into every brushstroke. This live painting session is a rare opportunity to see an artist’s vision evolve in real time, providing an immersive and interactive art experience.

The Enchanting Melodies of Geography of the Moon 🌙🎶

The night will resonate with the captivating sounds of Geography of the Moon. This duo is renowned for creating an immersive auditory experience that perfectly complements the visual feast of the exhibition. Their music, characterized by haunting melodies and a unique blend of rhythms, will create an ambiance that is both ethereal and grounding - a perfect musical backdrop to the evening's artistic revelations.

A Taste of Elegance with Celliers D'Asie's Wine Tasting 🍷

Enhance your sensory journey with a curated selection of five exquisite wines from Celliers D'Asie. For just $5, explore a palette of flavors that echo the depth and diversity of the art on display. This wine tasting is not just a sampling; it's an exploration of taste that parallels the creative exploration of the exhibition.

Join Us for a Night of Artistic Celebration 🚀

Don’t miss this unique blend of art, music, and taste. No reservations required - just bring your enthusiasm for creativity and community. Join us at Sra'Art this Friday to immerse yourself in the transformative power of art and music, and to celebrate the successful run of "Face Value".

👉 Be there to experience this fusion of artistic talents and say a memorable goodbye to a remarkable exhibition. Let’s make this closing night a vibrant testament to the thriving art scene in Cambodia!

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