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The unconscious mind is the primary source of human behaviour, the vast sum of operations of the mind that take place below the level of conscious awareness. The conscious mind contains all the thoughts, feelings, cognitions, and memories we acknowledge, while the unconscious consists of deeper mental processes not readily available to the conscious mind, like an iceberg. the most important part of the mind is the part you cannot see. While we can access the subconscious mind with enough willpower, the unconscious
You are aware of the reason why you’re here now, from the moment you’ve entered this space your mind has been actively trying to learn new information. You are also aware of the art pieces presented in front of you, the light in the room, whether or not your drink is favoured by your palette, as with many other thoughts and sensations. The things that you are actively seeing, feeling, and hearing at any one time make up your conscious mind.
But what about all your other experiences and memories that make you who you are? Psychologists believe that
the unconscious mind stores all the memories and experiences that are not being consciously thought about. Some of these memories are easy to recall. For example, you can probably remember what you had for dinner last night. Can you remember what you did on your last birthday? Most likely those memories are easy to bring into the conscious mind.
What about your sixth birthday? Can you remember what you did that day? Can you remember the happy feelings upon receiving gifts or seeing friends? Can you remember if you were disappointed by your friends or family? Most likely you can't remember the day or what emotions you had. Most people cannot remember these things. But what happens to these memories and experiences? They don't just pass into and out of memory without affecting your personality. There lays a lifetime of sensations, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, memories, and bits of information that we have experienced and forgotten that are stored in the unconscious mind. Psychologists believe that all these millions of experiences most definitely affect current personality and behaviour. It’s an unseen, and unspoken vital core of us that moulds our character.

Diving into The Unconscious Mind

  • Year: 2020

    Size: 24x28cm




    Inzi Y

    Inzi Y