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The painting depicts a scene from the Cambodian Legend of Puthisen Neang Kongrei – the story of a giant’s daughter who was abandoned by her husband. During her attempt to follow him, she was halted by Puthisen’s magic potion that turned the land between them into water. Neang Kong-Rei cried herself to death, and her body turned into the mountain of Kong Rei, which still lies across the river in Kampong Chhnang province, today. Inspired by Van Gogh’s strokes of vorticity, Khun effortlessly incorporates world’s most known classics with the essence of khmer art, creating yet another spiral into the past.

Sleeping Beauty Neang Kongrei

  • Year: 2019

    Size: 60x80 cm

    Technique: Acrylic on canvas



    Khun Kolkateka

    Khun Kolkateka

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