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What does she have left to say when the bubbles of noise around fall silent?
She heard what others have been saying for far too long
the stories told with vain and bloated proclamations made in the heat of the moment.
When is enough, enough?
A state of revolt doesn't always need a revolution to happen, you know…
Moving forward sometimes is just a matter of quietly walking.
No pillow needed to shout to, no half-written journal to soak any raining sorrows,
no regrets but also no resentments.
All weather is in your head
and clouds can be the bulkiest of all weights.
Freer and lighter, she continues.
Celebrating the many sunny mornings to come,
she just needs to keep going.

Weather, revolt

  • Year: 2023

    Size: 40x30cm

    Technique: Print on glass



    Miguel Jeronimo

    Miguel Jeronimo

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